Style and Formatting Resources

Dear Authors,

InterActions adheres to a specific set of formatting and style guideline for publication. Authors are also expected to follow and adhere to these guidelines when preparing their manuscripts for submission. In order to facilitate this process, we have created this handbook and checklist for you to use as a final step before submission. 

For ease of finding information, we have divided the guide into three main sections: General Information, Formatting, and Style. You may click on any heading in the table of contents to be taken directly to that section. 

InterActions uses the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: Sixth Edition as its publication style guide. All in-text citations and references must abide by APA guidelines.

In some areas, InterActions does veer from APA. These differences will be addressed in the Online Submissions and Basic Document Set Up sections. We recommend that you read these carefully.

We hope that these new tools will help facilitate a smooth and rapid publication process. 

Again, thank you for your consideration, and happy submitting!


The InterActions Editing Staff

Lauren Ilano | Christine Vega | Britt Paris 


Proofreading Checklist

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