Volume 1, Issue 2, 2005


Editors' Note
Arora, Tina; Jaramillo, Nathalia E.; Pyati, Ajit K.

Trippin’ Over the Color Line: The Invisibility of Race in Library and Information Studies
Honma, Todd

Freire, Alienation, and Contemporary Youth: Toward a Pedagogy of Everyday Life
Frymer, Benjamin

Increasing Minority Students' Access to Graduate Schools
Perez, Victor H.; Gong, Yuqin

How Objective is Objectivity? A Critique of Current Trends in Educational Research
Van Heertum, Richard

How the West was One? The American Frontier and the Rise of a Global Internet Imaginary
Kahn, Richard

Wax Blocks, Data Banks, and File #0467839: The Archive of Memory in William Gibson’s Science Fiction
Swanstrom, Elizabeth

Memory Slain: Recovering Cultural Heritage in Post-war Bosnia
Supple, Shannon


The Politics of Reform in an Era of "Texas-style" Accountability: An Interview with Angela Valenzuela
Valenzuela, Angela; Jaramillo, Nathalia E.

“We Must Now All Be Information Professionals”: An Interview with Ron Day
Day, Ronald E.; Pyati, Ajit K.

Book Reviews

Review: Capitalists and Conquerors: A Critical Pedagogy Against Empire by Peter McLaren
Pierce, Clayton

Review: Information Politics on the Web by Richard Rogers
Lane, Kevin

Review: Measuring Racial Discrimination edited by Rebecca Dabady, Marilyn Citro, and Constance Forbes
Wallace, Tanner L.

Review: Adolescent Boys: Exploring Diverse Cultures of Boyhoodedited by Niobe Way and Judy Y. Chu
Bellmore, Amy; Nishina, Adrienne

Review: Unfinished Business: Race, Equity, and Diversity in Library and Information Science Education edited by Maurice B. Wheeler
White, Kelvin

Review: Still Struggling for Equality: American Public Library Services with Minorities by Plummer Alston Jones, Jr
Lu, Yang

Review: America’s “Failing” Schools: How Parents and Teachers Can Cope With No Child Left Behind by W. James Popham
Ing, Marsha