Big Data in Education and Information Studies Symposium

Friday, March 3

8:30-9:00          Breakfast and Registration

9:00-9:15          Welcome

9:15-10:15         Keynote: Cecilia Rios Aguilar

10:15-10:30        Coffee Break

10:30-12:00       Panel 1

Britt Paris and Jennifer Pierre, “Tactical Resistance: Case Studies of Data Management for Social Justice”

Morgan Currie, “The Data-fication of Transparency Work: A Report from Los Angeles"

Patricia Garcia ”Experiencing Data: Duoethnography as a Feminist Methodology for Studying Fitness Trackers”

12:00-1:00       Lunch

1:00-2:00        Toby Beauchamp, "Bathrooms, Borders, and Biometrics.”

2:00-2:45        Panel 2

Melo Jean Yap, “The Potential of Advancing Social Justice in Education via Learning Analytics”

Roderic Crooks,  "Data as Thing: Data Science in Urban Education."

2:45-3:00       Coffee Break

3:00-4:00   Shoshana Magnet, “Re-Imagining a Feminist Surveillance Studies.”

4:00-5:00       Panel 3: Making, Curating and Engaging Data*

Andrew Prescott  

Christine Borgman

Joanna Chen Cham

*This panel is also a UCLA Digital Humanities Seminar

5:00-5:15      Closing